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The Eagle Family of Companies

Our Company’s divisions provide a single, differentiated solution for all stages of the infrastructure lifecycle. We specialize in providing inspection, integrity management, environmental, survey, qualification testing and NDE auditing services to the Oil, Liquids, & Natural Gas, Power Transmission, Transportation / Infrastructure, Public Utilities, Telecommunication and Renewable Energy Industries.

Eagle is a resourceful and highly flexible organization, with the scale and breadth of offering to serve customers both nationally and internationally. Our divisions share talent, best practices and a strong commitment to safety to create an integrated solution for our customers. Please explore our divisions below to learn more about the world-class services they provide.

Applied Consultants, Inc. has been serving the energy community on a continuous basis since 1991, and joined the Eagle family in 1991. Applied Consultants are a natural fit with the overall Eagle offerings bringing advanced expertise in inspection and management services. Our customer focused approach to inspection of pipeline construction, gathering systems, metering stations, compression stations, processing plants, and facilities throughout the United States and Mexico offers unparalleled industry experience and an unsurpassed focus on safety.

When partnering with Applied Consultants and Eagle Infrastructure Services, you get access to a unique database of the best available resources for your project. We stand ready to work with on your next project.

Central NDT provides Non-Destructive Testing technical support and training to the energy industry, and has been operating as an Eagle company since 2012. For 25 years our services have included: Level III NDT auditing, consulting & related services, NDT auditor & technician qualification testing, RT specification & procedure review, API 1104 training, consulting, and welder & welding procedure qualification testing (destructive weld testing). The ability of Eagle to extend to testing and certification helps our clients gain comfort around the expertise and safety focus of their personnel. Central NDT is licensed by the State of Oklahoma to carry out welder performance testing and is certified by the American Welding Society as an Accredited Testing Facility for the AWS Certified Welder Program.

Through the vigilant oversight of the most seasoned and experienced Level III NDT auditors in the pipeline industry, we partner with our clients to mitigate costly errors. Our sharp focus on quality workmanship translates into a record of safety and excellence for you, our client. A Central NDT qualification certificate signifies quality and competency, and acts as an industry benchmark demonstrating a superior knowledge base and skillset.

In today’s NDT industry, only about 60% of candidates will successfully complete the Central NDT Level II RT qualification test. We seek to provide you with independent, third party, objective data, and permit our partners the luxury and comfort of selecting for the most desirable NDT field personnel.

Cleveland Integrity Services joined Eagle in 2013, and offers clients a complete range of nondestructive services to assist in the construction and implementation of Mechanical Integrity projects. We dedicate ourselves to successfully converting conceptual plans to safe operating facilities based on the field engineering, construction management, and inspection skills of our experienced and qualified staff.

The scope of these services fit into Eagle's offering range of focused expertise from planning and estimating to surveying, development, management, inspection, startup, and commissioning. We have the capability and experience to assume total responsibility for all these functions, or to staff specific assignments needed to meet client requirements that represent part of a broader effort. We believe our proven methodologies, experience and selection of seasoned professionals with established track records demonstrate the capability of Cleveland Integrity Services to organize, manage and execute a construction management and inspection services program ... without ever losing our company focus on safety.

Cleveland Integrity Services provides quality personnel providing ethical and timely service at a reasonable cost. Eagle personnel can handle the more complex construction management and inspection problems found in today’s construction environment. Our professionals provide the backbone for contract personnel programs designed to satisfy client short-term skilled work force needs. Most of all they can and will represent your company the way you would, the right way, every time.

Encompass Energy Services, an Eagle company since 2018, provides preliminary, as-built and depth-of-cover surveying services as well as drafting, GIS and right-of-way services for multiple markets across North America. Encompass has extensive experience tailoring services for their customers. This overlay makes Encompass a perfect fit within the Eagle portfolio.

Our passion is to collaborate in identifying and recognizing each client's unique expectations and needs in order to determine the best approach in providing innovative, cost effective, quality service. Extensive manpower resources, strategically located offices across North America, and our strategic partners allow us to service any of your project-based needs throughout the lower 48 States, Alaska and Canada. It is our primary goal to offer the highest level of service through the incorporation of new technology. The standards by which you operate are the guideposts by which we define success. We look forward to working with you.

Perennial Environmental Services is a team of biologists, scientists, toxicologists, and environmental professionals proud to have joined Eagle in 2018. Our goals extend beyond mere permitting and compliance services to provide technical environmental solutions and management with fresh perspectives and unparalleled efficiency. Perennial brings environmental expertise to Eagle’s end-to-end market offerings.

We specialize in the preparation of environmental documents that comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and other federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations. Perennial’s capabilities include complete surveys and evaluations for biological and physical resources, cultural resources, and other environmental studies and inspections essential to ensuring the environmental compliance on your projects and at your facilities. The Perennial team applies a technical, hands-on approach to projects for customized environmental solutions. Our team’s commitment to our clients goes beyond documents and studies. We offer the partnership of shared expectations of success, true solutions-minded thinking, and a scope-of-work and timely delivery schedule tailored to each project’s needs.